Transformation Navigation for leaders in the Information Age

Information Age Principles:
Uncertainty - Perception - Ethics - Leadership - Innovation - Scale - Tempo - Security

"We live as if nothing will change when, in fact, it already has."

In trying to transform, it is all too easy for executives to misunderstand the complex landscape of business today, through groupthink and confirmation bias.  This leads to poor decision making.  The Information Age environment demands a new way to navigate the transformation journey by understanding where an organisation really is and figuring out the change that is required to deliver the desired outcomes.

Harry Fullerton OBE, Founder, SixFigureGrid

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With 28 years' service in the British Army during a period of huge geo-political, military and doctrinal change, I specialised both as a combat reconnaissance commander and as a development director for fighting capability that had to change and adapt to changes.  From these experiences, I have developed a unique combination military decision making techniques and Information Age Principles that can be used effectively in the business world to navigate the transformation journey.  

The SixFigureGrid Offer.

1. Transformation Navigation:   Central to SixFigureGrid’s mission is to help leaders and their teams understand the core function of the business they are in and their role in it. It asks the questions of where leaders think their organisations are now, how they arrived there, whether they are structured correctly, what is going on around them right now, what is likely to happen next, and where they want to get to. Using the SixFigureGrid tool set and techniques, leaders will develop superior situational awareness, identify and communicate their intent, manage and mitigate risk, empower their teams and organisation effectively, orientate to an advantage, make the right decisions and then implement the plan.

2. Decision making & Team Development through Battlefield history and visits.  Business leaders can benefit from being immersed historical battlefield situations. I team up with Corporate Battlefields to develop executives and their teams through battlefield insight.
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Leader at work: Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Sorauren, Spain, 1813.

Battlefield Study, the bridge at Sorauren, Spain, 2019

3. Leadership Talks:  I offer talks that are designed specifically for the client, be that motivational talks from my experiences in the Army, on navigating transformation or talks that aim to address a specific area of interest within a business. You can also sign up to my Awareness Articles, which look at issues facing leaders in the 21st Century.