Leadership for the Information Age

Leadership - Diversity - Uncertainty - Perception - Ethics - Scale - Tempo - Resilience

"We live as if nothing will change when, in fact,
it already has."

"In trying to transform, it is all too easy for leaders to misunderstand the complex landscape of business today, through groupthink and confirmation bias.  Poor situational awareness can lead to making the wrong decisions. Leaders need to know where their 'True North' is."

"The Information Age demands agility, awareness and courage to navigate complexity and uncertainty, by establishing where an organisation really is and working out what needs to be achieved to deliver the desired outcomes."

Harry Fullerton, Founder

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1.  What do I want to achieve and why?
2.  What is going on around me and why?
3.  Is the situation changing?

The SixFigureGrid Offer

1. Business Navigation:   Central to SixFigureGrid’s mission is to help leaders and their teams develop superior awareness skills to understand what is going on in their business. It asks the questions of where leaders think their organisations are now, what they want to achieve and why. Using the SixFigureGrid tool set, techniques and 'Information Age Principles', leaders will develop superior situational awareness, clearly identify their objectives, manage and mitigate risk, empower their teams and organisation effectively, orientate to an advantage, make the right decisions and then implement the plan.

2.Team Development through Battlefield History.  Leaders and their teams can all benefit from studying military history; its campaigns, the people who made the decisions, the strategies, tactics, victories, defeats and the effects that they have had upon societies throughout the ages. We provide this opportunity by using relevant and inspiring Battlefield History to help businesses understand their own conflicts, uncertainties and challenges and develop their own teams.

3.Leadership Talks:  We offer talks that are designed specifically for the client, be that motivational talks from my experience of leading in challenging times, or talks that aim to address a specific area of interest within a business. 

4. Awareness Blog:  Look to SixFigureGrid's articles on some of the 'wicked problems' that we, as a society, are most challenged by, be that our health, the environment, education, business and all that consumes us in the Information Age.